Tuesday, December 9, 2008

pug progress

I still have to do background, just a bit to ground the dogs so they don't appear to float in mid air, and a bit of tweaking here and there, other than that...
These are Lucy and Amos, and I believe the story goes that they were rescues, who had to be placed together. Kudos to the family who adopted them both. Lucy might have a bit of mixed blood, as her face is a bit unpugly, not that her people care, and Amos is...round. I haven't met them in person so I can only hope I've caught their individual personalities.
All of our dogs have been rescues, sometimes that's a bit of a challenge, and some behaviours require a bit of work, but always it's worth while.
My work is still at the Old East Studios and will be there until Monday the 15th of December. They have a musical evening on Tuesdays called Ruby Tuesday, and they are having 'The Red Door Lounge~with the Devin MizzA' on Sat Dec 13th. The gallery part of the studio is open to drop in traffic 9-5 Monday to Friday, so if you're in the area, drop by. So far the show has been a success for me, and we'll hope for continued success. Things are starting to wind down for the holidays, and a bit of a break will be nice. take care until next week,

1 comment:

  1. Hi Robin,

    These pugs look quite realistic and you've captured a great expression.
    Really good work.

    Kind regards,



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