Friday, March 20, 2009

Do not move firewood re-visited

emerald ash borer painting

Catherine and I have been frantically getting everything ready for our duo show at Cherryhill remember we hang on the evening of March 31st, our opening is on Tuesday March 7th 7-9 p.m. Our art is there until April 30th. As is customary we will have nibbles etc at our opening/meet and greet, and it would be great to see you there!

This is "Do not move firewood". As you can see, I've added a cradled backing board so that it will be easier to frame, "Thank a Pollinator" is just about to the same stage... but not quite. I've ordered my frames from Adam at Art at Eight framers, and I picked up my adverts from the great guys at The Print Studio this week. Press release's have been sent, sooo, things are coming together (cross fingers).

D.A.A.N. (Dorchester) has a spring show coming up in May, and Appreciation of the Arts in St Thomas will be on May 7-9 stay tuned as we used to say, lots more to come!

In my 'net cruising I recently came across an article on Artists using their art to barter for services. I've done a bit of this, but these folks are taking barter to a whole new level. This harks back to a simpler time I think, or perhaps I'm romanticising, either way I thought the article was worth sharing.

Another article I found interesting is about the U.S. stimulus package, and it's arts component. the discussion gets a bit vigorous. I think most artists have come across someone like 'Don', I know I have, and the

re-buttals make for interesting reading.

Two other shows up coming, Brush and Palette April 2-4 Byron Library, and Lambeth Art Association April 23-25 Lambeth United Church . I'm not in either, but several of my friends are, so go and support them!

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