Monday, July 13, 2009

20 hour studio challenge, and sacred circles

I've long been attracted to circles. They are a constant in my art . I've been researching mandala's, medicine wheels, labyrinths, yin/yang's, and all manner of sacred circles, so that I can make more authentic use of them in the work I've been doing. The concept of a sacred circle, I think, works on many levels with my environmental message. I've also been playing with making my own paper for a while and I think I'm ready to start using it in my work, interestingly, my frame is circular.
The 20 hour studio challenge has been going on for a while now.
It was started by an artist as a personal commitment to work 20 hours in her studio, she in turn invited other artists to join in the challenge. I've been doing a pared down version of it 15 hours is my goal, since the part time job takes 2 days, other commitments take at lest one other, and weekends are spent at art shows.
The biggest impediment is space. When I was working on one piece at at time my space was enough, but in order to fulfill my 15 hours one piece at a time is a luxury I don't have, (drying time, ya know).
I've taken over part of the family room for my framing stuff, and added shelves to one wall of my studio, but still...

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