Monday, May 31, 2010

Three weeks down, and several more to go, assuming I pass my 'presentation' on the 17th.
The course Catherine and I have been taking is turning my brain to mush, I don't think I did this much homework...ever. And - it's keeping me out of the studio, the withdrawal is awful :)
Last week was the Dorchester Artists' Network show. We seem to have started a new tradition of doing it in the dark. Last year the power went out and this year it didn't just go out, it stayed out. Unfortunately, it's hard to have a successful show with out power, sigh.
Thursday, Catherine and I will be hanging our 'duet' show at Cherry hill Library in London, it will be up all of June, in the Sam Katz meeting room, I haven't received confirmation yet, but we are hoping to have a gathering on Saturday June 19, I'll let you know more details as soon as I have them.
The garden is giving me some relief from my art withdrawal. The new section(butterfly/hummingbird garden) I put in last year is really filling in well.
This is the first year that I've left the net over the pond, I got tired of operating a sushi bar for big blue. This morning I was glad I had, during my 6:00am walk around the garden, I saw that the finned ones were 'at it again' , and they had an audience, there he was... standing on the roof... watching. So now instead of operating a sushi bar, I'm operating a ??? peep show???

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