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Saturday, March 27, 2021

March 2021


What's On Robin's Easel This Month?

03/27/2021 - What's On Robin's Easel This Month?


One in the studio, and one on the dinning room table....

I'm working a bit bigger again, as I once again start to count down, 17 weeks to my solo at STEPAC. The curator Laura Wormke contacted me at the beginning of the month to talk about the invitations so God and Covid willing I should have them for you very soon! 

Finished this month is...

Roads Edge
8x8, glazed acrylic, on cradled board, ready to hang
Buy now
 As you stop where the back roads intersect with the old highway, the vista of rolling land is punctuated with road signs becoming  one with the landscape. 

Purple haze was one of the many wonderful pieces featured in the St Thomas Art Guild's first online show, and found a new home as a result!
The show may be over, but there is still lots of beautiful art to see on the website, and artist contact info if you see something you would like to own. 

I will forever cherish the time I was able to spend with my father as his care giver, it was a gift.
My heart  hurts, but he is free,

Rest Daddy

February 2021


What's On Robin's Easel This Month?

Another Sketch On The Dinning Room Table

More art then meals are made on my dinning room table, especially this year, when family dinners have been just hubby, studio dog and I.
I am hopeful though that it won't be long until the dinning room easel will once again be at lest occasionally put away!!
I hope lock down #2 was good to you, speaking for myself, it seems like a less terrifying, and dare I say it, almost familiar place to be this (and hopefully last) time.
I've certainly made a lot more art this time through, and a part of me is going to miss the slower more reflective pace of the past year. 

I'd like to remind you, that the St Thomas Art Guild is having our very first online Art Show. 

Starting March 1st, go to our website, you'll see two works by each of our participating artists, click on the picture for information on  the work, A bit further down the page, there is a list of the artists. When you click on a name, it will take you to that artist's page with MORE ART, and information on how you can make the show art and other works by that artist your very own!!!

Make sure you check the show out, after all how often can you go to an art show in your jammies!
The work is over the top amazing, with art of every style, and of course, I have my work in the show too.

The Art Emporium has opened (post lockdown) again, Yay! We're in winter hours, which means Saturday and Sunday 11-4 only, but that's still OPEN!

As you know I've been working on several smaller pieces for the gift shop.  
Last month I asked for help with names for the 6, 6x6's I had  just completed, and the suggestions were wonderful, some I used, some I used as a spring board, and other names I'm keeping in my metaphorical hip pocket for use in the future.
One of the works 'Purple Haze' is in the St Thomas show. It and the rest are of course all available off my website  which I've been hard at work gussying up, as the St Thomas show simply points you to each artist's web presence.
I still have a few buy now buttons to add, plus a few other tweaks, fingers crossed I only have a few days left to get it all ready!!

New work this month:

Posted, 8x8, glazed acrylic.
$140.00 buy now

There was a time, when life moved at a slower pace, in rhythm with the seasons. Posts were for stringing fence lines, not online. Was life better then? or is that just a romantic notion.  I'll leave it to you to decide.  

Plus  almost done are these two, as yet unnamed, maybe I'll use some of the names you gifted me with last month!!

My Solo Show Opening at STEPAC is just 5 months away, It's almost time to start a count down!!
I do still want to do a couple more larger works, but I have lots to chose from already, so the sense of urgency AKA panic I was experiencing last year at this time is non-existent, I'm not sure if that's a good thing...or bad lol. 

Until next month

January 2021


What's On Robin's Easel This Month?

8x8 Pastel Sketch #1

Happy Lock down to you!

The numbers are going down, we're below 2,000 this morning, a vaccine is on its way, (my dad got his a week ago YAY) and things are starting to look more hopeful. My pallet has changed too, maybe it's my optimism peeking through. 
The first lockdown I had a hard time focusing on art, which is not apparently an uncommon complaint, but this time around, all I want to do is paint!  Which is good, not only is my STEPAC solo fast approaching (July 24-Spt 4) but the St Thomas Art Guild is having it's very first online art show March 1st to 15th.    opening night in your living room, dress code-comfy. 

And that my friends is where I need your help!
I can only put two pieces up for the show, help me choose from my latest 6 works, I also need help naming them so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
The unselected 4 will be going onto my website  once they have names of course!

6x6 #1 Sketched at Mossley Drive and Brady Road

6x6 #2 Sketched at Ron McNeil and Yarmouth Centre

6x6 #3 Sketched at Gibbons Park

6x6 #4 Sketched on Crompton Drive

6x6 #5 Sketched at Venture Gate and Hamilton Rd

6x6 #6 Sketched at Commissioners Rd at Victoria Flats

My default naming technique is to just name the location, but that's a bit boring and predictable, so help!

Speaking of sketches, I've accumulated a LOT of sketches, I'm planning on matting some of the small ones up and having them for sale at the Art Emporium once the lockdown is over and we open back up, I've thrown many out, but it always feels like such a waste, so they may as well see if they can find homes.  

You'll be happy to hear that one of the mini's I had at the STEPAC mini show found a home, I'm not sure which one, with the lockdown I haven't been able to pick the remaining two up, but I got the cheque, and promptly went to the art supply store!

Also I'm still developing new Art Project Packs each week, if you know someone who'd like a creative activity during lock down check out my teaching page Expressive Brush
I've also  started a Instagram and FaceBook page @expressivebrushart for that side of my business, of course my art Instagram and FaceBook @robinbarattaart are long established if you haven't already followed me there you might consider it.

A year ago we had no clue what was in store for us, and as difficult as this has been, there are silver linings too.

I stole this off FaceBook, but it seems relevant, and a nice way to leave things for now 

No photo description available.

Until next month, stay healthy, 

Sunday, January 24, 2021

December 2020 Newsletter


What's On Robin's Easel This Month?

Problem Child


Some births are easy...
Some just don't wanna...

Pastoral  has been taking waaay too much time and brain power. I think maybe I finally have it, it's sitting in a quite corner thinking about it's behaviour, then we'll see if we agree that it's ready to go out into the world.  The cow's started out as Holsteins, but I just couldn't get mostly white cattle to work in a high Chroma  painting, so now they're Angus. They 'fit' much better, but that change brings it's own challenges, I didn't want black holes, they had to still be cows.  

Fortunately all of the other 'births' this month have been easy.

Kettle Valley 12x16, glazed acrylic, $240.00 Buy now

We walk with our extra large pup, along the Kettle Creek almost daily, unless there's a monsoon and the valley becomes a lake. This is the view from the crest of the hill, just before the trail head. It's our happy place.

You may remember me saying that I was planning on doing several smaller works, potentially for both the STEPAC gift shop, and the Art Emporium?  Here are a few that are finished, and there are more on my easel!

Stalking the Marsh, 4x4, glazed acrylic, $60.00 buy now

The  coastal salt marsh of the South Carolina Low Country, is the birth place of much of the ocean's life. It's also home to many who feed on the creatures that are born, and live there. The magnificent herons, and their kin, are a constant presence-stalking the marsh.

Junction, 6x6, glazed acrylic, $75.00 buy now

Junction: A place of meeting or joining. Once, all was forest, then came the colonizers, who took down much of the forest. Pockets remain, and as it is the will of nature to grow and also to colonize, the junctions where field and forest meet are the site of a subtle battle.

Donnybrook Island, 6x6, glazed acrylic, $75.00 buy now

Pockets of life, islands of diversity, home to many, safe haven.

Happy Almost 2021

I've heard this week between Christmas and New Years called the limbo week, the week when the year is over, but it's not. I prefer to think of it as the week of anticipation, a time to rest, and plan, and even dream of what the new year will look like, and how we'll live in it.
I think many of us this year in particular, are anxious to move forward. Living through a historical event has been interesting to say the lest, and something most of us have no desire to repeat. It gives us greater perspective though, on what previous generations have endured, much of it far far worse than this. So here's to a better year, lets kick 2020 to the curb and move forward into 2021 with a smile in our hearts.

I would like to thank all of you for your kind words, and purchases this year.

Spring Tree, posted in last months newsletter found a new home, and my covid pivot with my business Expressive Brush has been slowly but surely building momentum, Project Packs are available for creatives of all ages, on my teaching website  

I truly appreciate you all, and wish you the best for the New Year, HERE'S TO 2021

and yes this is a Project Pack  (shameless self advertisement)  

Until next month

Friday, December 25, 2020

November Newsletter

What's On Robin's Easel This Month?

the messy studio 

Ok where do I start....

My Solo Show at STEPAC has been moved up to coincide with the women's exhibit the Art Centre is putting on, July 24-September 4 2021.

So the countdown, has sped up, a lot! I have lots of work, but I decided to change up some of the smaller pieces for larger sized ones.  Pastoral-above, is almost done and is going to be one of those. I guess its a good thing (she says through her tears) that we can't go south to our snowbird getaway this year, I can work on those larger works instead... 
I'm also working on a bunch of small works, 6x6 4x12, and 4x4. If you follow me on either instagram (robinbaratttaartist) or facebook (Robin L Baratta) you'll see them as they come. I also post a lot of work in
progress...if you want to watch paint dry with me lol. 
This little guy is Spring Tree, 4x12. $145.00 buy now

Also, many of you know that for many years I've presented Art/Horticultural programing in Long Term Care. With Covid turning our world upside down, independent contractors aren't able to work in LTC. It's going to be a Loooooong time before that changes.
Meanwhile our seniors are under stimulated, and bored. The rec staff are trying their best to replace all of those services, but as one of my contacts said, it's a lot of work, and they just don't have the time and often the experience to come up with specialized programs. 
So, over the last few months I've been developing Project Packs, complete with all supplies, and instructions.  So far the response has been encouraging! I may not be able to see the smiles on the faces of my 'art peep's' but I can at lest know they're happening.   
if you'd like more info on this endeavour please go the Project Pack website  and take a look.  All feedback welcome, and orders too!

The Miniature Show is still on at St Thomas Public Art Centre  I still have work available there.
And... all three of the pieces that I had in the Westland Square Foot show have found new homes, Yay!


Until next month, stay safe, stay well!

Monday, October 19, 2020

Newsletter Oct 2020


What's On Robin's Easel This Month?

Pastoral, Early Stages

This is going to be a 24x30, which is just about as big a painting as I can comfortably do in my tiny studio.  Once upon a time I did a lot of animal paintings, wildlife, dog and cat portraits, even a bull once, but that was in a much more traditional style, so this is both a trip in the way back machine, and a stretch outside of my comfort zone. I'm on day three of building the relief image, and then I have to give it time to dry completely before I start to glaze.  It's a process. 
I promised you show news, yes there are a couple coming up for all of us art show starved folk! I have three going into the Westland Square Foot Show...
Yorke Line                             Spring Runoff                    Rill

all 12x12, glazed acrylic, on wooden cradled panel. That show opens Wednesday, November 18th and runs until Dec 24th, you'll need to make an appointment to see the work, and it'll be online too.

Also I have work going into the St Thomas Elgin Public Art Centre's Mini show November 14- Dec 19 at STEPAC  
301 Talbot St St Thomas

Spring Bouquet                    Take The Long View          On The Fence
all 4x4, on cradled wooden panel 
I seem to be into squares this month! also just finished is... 

Along Old Vic. 16x16, glazed acrylic on cradled wooden panel, CDN $295.00 buy now

Old Vic (Old Victoria Rd S) is one of those forgotten rural roads, mostly used by farm equipment.  Home to falling down barns, homesteads and gently rolling landscapes, the patterns of the land speak to me of things past. GPS 42°53'35.0"N 81°07'40.6"W

Stay Safe, Stay Happy
Until next month

Monday, September 28, 2020

Newsletter September 2020


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What's on Robin's Easel This Month?

Barely begun, working title Yorke Line, and half done-as yet un-named, do you have a suggestion?

First, thank you for being here!

You possibly got a message in lue of a newsletter in August.   Unfortunately someone choose to report my newsletter as spam, and well....I'm back but it took some jumping through hoops.

It's also been an interesting month on other fronts. 

Yup yours truly had a little storm damage... The  tornados in June and July missed us, but as they say three's the charm, and our gazebo ended up on top of our sunroom. We're still working with the adjusters, we're getting a new gazebo, and probably a new sunroom. I'm not sure how I feel about that.
Because it's 2020 we also found out the hard way that there's a back order for refrigerator parts, and new fridges. 

To the ART news!

Most of you know that I present Art/Horticultural programing in Long Term Care.  With the ongoing Covid Crisis, I'm not able to work in LTC and I miss my 'art-peeps' dreadfully. I know from my friends who work in recreation/lifestyle enrichment that the residents are suffering from the lack of programing too, the staff do the best they can, but they hire people like me to fill in the gaps. 
So I'm pivoting......just like every other small business lol, and putting together project packages, for the staff and family caregivers to purchase and use with the residents.  The website isn't live yet, but a link will be here 
as soon as it's ready. I'm aiming for a Thanksgiving roll out. 

Westland Gallery's square foot show is going November 18-December 24 and I have three pieces going in.

Spring Runoff, 12x12 glazed acrylic

Rill, glazed acrylic, 12x12

and the barely begun Yorke Line, in the first  picture above, on my work table.

Also completed since we visited last is 

Drumlin, 16x20, glazed acrylic, $360.00 go here to purchase

There will also be a mini show at the St Thomas Elgin Public Art Centre, November 14th to December 19th, that I'll have a few pieces in!

As always check out my website, follow me on FaceBook, and Instagram @robinbarattaartist and we'll keep in touch!
Stay safe, stay strong and above all, stay healthy!


Friday, June 19, 2020

I've been Acquired!

I'm very pleased to announce that Chester's Lament has been Acquired by St Thomas Elgin Public Art Centre  for their permanent Museum collection, and will be part of their re-opening show (stage 2 of the Covid-19 pandemic)

Friday, June 12, 2020

What's On Robin's Easel June 2020 and July

What's On Robin's Easel This Month?

Starts, and 'Oliver Twist'

The start is of course on my easel, no name yet.  The sketch was done in March, on location, and here is what inspired me,                                  
That's called artistic licence, lol

The Oliver Twist is Hamilton Rd Undulations, 24x30, which is one of those paintings, that just keeps asking for more.  It's been hanging on my wall 'proofing' for over a month, periodically I take it down, gave it the more it's been asking for then hanging it back up to see if it needed more again.  Finally, I think it's done...

I drive past this vista regularly, there’s a rutted farm track that goes through the fields and the land tells tales of retreating glacial flood waters, followed by forests, then farms. These fields are zoned industrial use, one by one they’re disappearing under concrete and asphalt. I makes me sad to see.

detail shot:

There's a few works on my work table too, 

One of those is Donnybrook Green and Gold, which was a bit of an Oliver Twist too, though not as demanding as it's brother!
They will all be done by next month's instalment and before then, you can find them on my website, or on my Instagram @robinbarattaartist

Last but not lest Chester's Lament is now part of the Permanent Collection Of the St Thomas Elgin Public Art Centre Museum, and Ready has a new home too! 
All in all, other than the weather, it's been a good month!

Until next month

What's On Robin's Easel This Month?

New Work, & Exploring Edges 

Ok, so technically this is on my work table, not my easel. 
This is on my easel...

So much has changed since we spoke last. 
Hubby, Studio Dog and I were just about to leave for our snowbird, which was lovely by the way. 
I had made my goal of 16 works for my solo at the regional museum and we had the world by the tail.  It turned into a tiger though.
H., S.D. and I got home just ahead of the boarder closures. I participated in the St Thomas Art Crawl, then...the world shut down.
We've all been healthy, I truly hope you have too, but I know this has been a hard time for many, and I thank God that I've had art to sustain me. 
 At first I thought my show might go on, so I did a few extra pieces.

Donnybrook Green and Gold, 24x30 $600

detail from Into The Distance 12x16, $230.00
To view them all go to my website there's too many to put up here. 
When it became apparent that it wouldn't, for a few weeks I felt paralyzed.  
A funny thing though, it actually gave me time to think, and to grow.
For some time I've been wanting to celebrate to edges of my paintings.
I was often reluctant to cut off the painting's edges when I mounted the work, the intersection of the painted and unpainted are fascinating and beautiful in their own way.
As I started to paint again I allowed the edges to creep inward, and to become part of the story. 

Ready, 12x12 $215.00
As I proceed the edges are becoming more and more important, and more and more a part of the story. 
My solo show has been rescheduled to November-December 2021.  I have a feeling that it's going to be much more experimental than the show I had ready to hang.
Perhaps, that's exactly what I needed.  
I hope the last few months have allowed you too, the chance to discover, exactly what you need.  
Until next month

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