Christmas Project Packs

 Project packs are made to order, please allow 

5-7 days for order fulfilment.

Free contactless delivery for orders of $60.00 or more St Thomas/London Area.

keep checking in, new projects added regularly!

12th Night/Epiphany Star Mobile W-3

Pack includes: Mylar spiral, and stars, mobile hardware, watercolour ink, brush, glitter paint, tips and instructions

The 12 th night of Christmas/Epiphany: January 6th is the celebration of the wisemen brought to Bethlehem by the star.

$5.00 per pack order here 

Memories of Christmas M-2

Pack includes: diffusing paper shapes, watercolour ink, self adhesive shapes, base paper, chalk, memory prompts, paper frame

 $5.00 per pack

Twig Christmas Tree C-8

Pack includes: Twigs, cord, beads, embellishments, white snow paint

 instructions/tip sheet,

 $5.00 per pack

Poinsettia Prints C-6

Pack includes: a variety of papers; 8.5x11 linen to be framed plus, gift tag, card, envelope, and 19"x28" glossy wrapping paper, printing foam, paint, brush, paper frame,  instructions/tip sheet,

 $5.00 per pack

Pine Cone Christmas Tree C-7, only 20 available

Pack includes: Large (5" minimum) pine cone, paint, base, and decorative tape, various beads, gems, tinsel, and glitter snow, 

 tips and instructions

$5.00 per pack order here

Christmas Angel C-4

Pack includes: Wooden slat Angel, paint, brushes,  ribbon, wings

 tips and instructions

$5.00 per pack order here

Drip and Doodle C-5
Pack includes:  base paper, with tree printed on it, pipette, watercolour ink, gel pen, black paper frame,  tips and instructions

$5.00 per pack order here

Foiled Christmas Cards C-1

Pack makes 4 cards, includes, contact paper templates, paper shapes, foil, paint, paint applicator, decorative tape, card stock, envelopes, tips and instructions

$5.00 per pack order here

Mask and Paint Christmas Cards C-2

Pack makes 4 cards, includes, watercolour paper, diffusing dyes, paint, masking shapes, decorative tape, card stock, envelopes,  tips and instructions

$5.00 per pack order here

Winter Wreath C-3, only 18 available

Pack includes: Grapevine wreath, ribbon, and decorations,  tips and instructions. Note: each pack will be slightly different.

 $7.00 per pack order here 

Recommended tool: glue gun. $5.00 includes sticks order here

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