Fall Project Packs


 Project packs are made to order, please allow 

5-7 days for order fulfilment.

Free contactless delivery for orders of $60.00 or more St Thomas/London Area.

keep checking in, new projects added regularly!

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                                          Apple Harvest F1-1

Pack includes: canvas board, botanicals, buttons, paint and glue, brush, and instruction/tips sheet $7.00/pack

Autumn Calligraphy Print F1-2

Pack includes: tack paper, cord and other materials, open acrylic paint, print paper, paper frame, and instructions/tip sheet. 
$5.00 per pack. 
Optional tool-foam roller and tray each $5.00.

Fall Fairy F1-3

Pack includes: dried botanicals, card arms, legs, and heads, tack paper and cover, paper frame, and instructions/tip sheet.
$5.00 per pack

Fall Mask and Paint Version One F1-4

Fall Mask and Paint Version Two F1-5

Pack includes: base paper, low tack masking, paints, brush, paper frame instructions/tip sheet,
 $5.00 per pack. Optional tool-texture stamps $5.00 each

Diffusing Paper Leaves F1-6

Pack includes: Diffusing paper, acrylic inks, brush, base paper, paper frame, glue, instruction/tips sheet  $5.00 per pack

Harvest Moon F1-7

Pack includes: base paper, Yupo paper moon, dried botanicals, glitter and stars, glue, lamination paper, paper frame instructions/tip sheet. $5.00 per pack

Leaf Squishies F1-8

Pack includes, mediums, glitter, paint, pouch, cut out, and paper frame, instructions/tip sheet.
$5.00 per pack

Painted Leaves F1-9

Pack includes, base paper, paints and inks, botanicals, glue, paint brush paper frame, 
instruction/tip sheet
$5.00 per pack. Option tool-rolling pin $5.00 each

Seasonally themed wreaths F1-10

pack includes, grapevine wreath, approximately 12" diameter,  seasonally appropriate ribbon,  decorative items and instruction /tips sheet $7.00 per pack

order here

Seasonally themed pressed floral/leaf mandalas F1-11

pack includes, lamination sheet, pressed botanicals, glitter, black paper 'frame' and instruction/tips sheet $5.00 per pack 

order here

Pastel Pumpkin F1-12

Pack includes: 3 designs on base paper, paper frame, instructions/tip sheet,
  $4.00 per pack plus $3.00 for oil pastel 12 pack

Foiled Leaves F1-13

Pack includes: contact paper, botanicals, foil, paint, brush, paper frame  instructions/tip sheet,
 $5.00 per pack.

November 'Care Givers Month' F1-14

Pack includes: base paper, mounting paper, paper frame, instructions/tip sheet,
 $4.00 per pack plus $3.00 for oil pastel 12 pack

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