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      Project packs are made to order, please allow 

5-7 days for order fulfilment.

Free contactless delivery for orders of $60.00 or more St Thomas/London Area.

keep checking in, new projects added regularly!

Mandala J-3 

Pack Includes: Circular forms, make your own stickers, watercolour paints, brush, tips and instructions. The Mandalas origins and meaning.

$5.00 per pack,   order here 

Dream Catcher J-2

Pack Includes: hoop, doily, cord, feathers, beads,  tips and instructions.
The story of the dream catchers origins.
$5.00 per pack,   order here 

Character Pots J-1

Pack includes: Pot form, plaster cloth, brush, dye,   tips and instructions. 

$5.00 per pack, $2.00 optional liner pot, soil, Taro pant corm(bulb).  order here 

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