Friday, February 26, 2010

So... I'm a bit nuts

Work in progress, 'They Paved Paradise' is done - except for the 'asphalt', which will go over the blocked in black areas. My favorite art supply store Mercury Art Supplies tells me that the mica paint will be 2-3 weeks coming, so I've got to be patient... argh! That's a challenge lol.
This week I had a Lady tell me emphatically that I was nuts, O.K. so painting on tissue is odd... I love the effect of the layers of semi transparent colour. They remind me of stained glass windows. I love the texture of layers of tissue too, soft and a bit crinkly. If I were to then add a realism 'element' on another painting surface that was thicker/harder and more opaque it just wouldn't have the effect I want. When I collage/stick the element onto the layers of stained and printed tissue it sort of melts into them, and they become a whole, v.s. a collection of disparate bits.
Painting on tissue is a delicate process, but if you're careful to ensure that it never gets too wet (hair dyer...secret weapon) it's well worth the bother.

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