Artist statement

Artist Statement 

I am a contemporary Canadian landscape artist and visual storyteller using  using suggestive Texture,

Luminous Colour, Elemental Shapes, Lyrical Line and a process I developed and call Glazed Acrylic.

My process is reflective of my fascination with the abstract patterns and structures of nature,

which are simple on the surface, but deeply complex as you travel inward.

Life is a mysterious miracle.

I am in a mad race against time and voracious development as I record the disappearing landscapes of

the fertile temperate zone being swallowed by creeping urbanization.

I record what is, with glimpses of what was.

I ask what could be?

Is this wasted land or an oasis? 

Space for development or sustenance for a hungry world?

How do we balance preservation and intelligent growth?

What are we leaving future generations?

Images usually start as a sketch done en plein aire, taken back to my studio for refinement.

Textured layers are developed using various acrylic mediums to create an image in relief,

multiple layers of acrylic glaze are then applied to give a very deep complex colour layer to

the work.

I generally work on several pieces at once as drying time between layers is crucial. This also

allows me to work in series so that I can fully explore my inspiration. 

My objective is to create work that is both beautiful, and thought provoking. 

The work is mounted on cradled wooden boards ready for hanging or framing.  


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