Friday, July 22, 2011

Red Admiral Butteryfly, Helianthus Painting

red Admiral butterfly, helianthus flower painting Hmmm, what shall I call this one? perhaps something about spheres? I like the other worldly feel of the circles, they make me think of inter-dimensional portals, other worlds, other times....
This is another small (8x10) work on TerraSkin. Man I love this 'paper' it has an almost sensuous feel to it, like, well skin. I wish for really big sheets though.

If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it.

Like everyone else I've been praying for rain, my garden is crispy, crunchy, and very sad looking. I've been hand watering perennials I planted this year, veggies and a few vulnerable plants, but my rain barrels are just about empty.

I've never used my air conditioners the way I have this year too, there goes the budget. 'nuf complaining, at lest I've got 'air' I feel sorry for folks who don't.

re: the test's I mentioned last week, one failed, one is still waiting for results, and one has been 'put over' to a date in August. The 4th test of one of my favorite people was fine, she breezed through it, but I knew she would, and so wasn't worried, the others though...boys.

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