Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mystery Mini Moth

My camera has had a busy week, and more than a few of the resulting pic's will find their way into my pool of reference material for upcoming work.

Most of my subjects I can identify, but this wee fellow remains a mystery. He's about a cm or less, and was sipping nectar from the forget-me-nots, phlox, and lamulum beside the pond. If you can help me ID this tiny - I think it may be some kind of sphinx moth- I'd appreciate it!

I've offered to send out a call for artists for the Lexus Celebrity Golf Classic and Art Auction for the LHSC prostrate cancer research fund. They will only be accepting work from 5 artists, the artists will be paid an 'appearance fee' plus have a chance to hob nob with the celebs at the gala.

I'm putting a piece in, though hob nobbing isn't my strong suit, lol!

The organizer seemed to think that was a real perk, I wonder how many of us would agree, since a higher than average number of artists are introverts. What do you think?

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