Friday, June 14, 2013

My drug of choice-Paint!

Now the spring shows are done and the pressure is off, it's time to relax and have fun. For me that means paint, my drug of choice.
First I reworked some pieces that I wasn't happy with, then I got started on some new work.  Unfortunately the biggest boards I have are 9x12, which feels awfully small to me right now...I do however have some hollow core doors that I scored a while ago that I've been dying to get at, and with hubby and son going on a boy's fishin' week..... I can spread out on  the dining room table, FAR bigger than my studio, and really get into it!
I used to complain about the size of my studio, until I saw my friend Candy Mcmaniman's

and new work
studio, which is literally a closet, I at lest have a 8x10 room, crammed full of stuff-mixed media artists need stuff-but at lest it's a room, and I have the bonus of a large north window (the golden standard for artists is north light).
It is fun when I have 2 students and 2 dogs plus myself in there.... but hey, how lucky am I.

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