Sunday, June 2, 2013

Of Gardens and Art Shows

My 'perfect day' spend the morning in the garden, and the afternoon in the studio...
As soon as the good weather arrives I'm out there, May is pretty much devoted to the garden, not much art happens in May. Once upon a time,  before I became a full time artist, I would take at lest one week of holidays and spend it gardening. Self employed persons don't have that kind of luxury though, I have to maintain my teaching schedule, so all of my precious studio time is spent in the garden in May.  Since my garden is my source for reference material, I consider the time well spent.
Art Show season is at a fever pitch, for me the Port Stanley Artists' Guild show is next...this weekend in fact.
Hubby has the fever too, since he retired I've been keeping him busy, right now he's putting the finishing touches on new stands for the PSAG show.
This piece is called 'Hallelujah" and will be at the show.
Opening Friday night, June 7, 7-10pm
Show and sale continues Saturday June 8, 12-8, Sunday 12-5
Yes the parking is free- all the hullabaloo over the fees for beach parking aside-310 George St, Royal Canadian Legion by the King George Lift Bridge, and the L&PS train station.
See you there! and visit us at the Art Emporium too!

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