Sunday, November 11, 2007

I thought I would add a smattering of my latest work. I've been doing some manipulated paper collage, since taking a week long workshop with Carrie Burns-Brown in May. The photo's really don't show off the colours or textures well, but they are very interesting. I've also been doing more of the ever popular wildlife miniatures. They're fun to do, and popular in the shops that I have them in. I have some in Brooklyn's Country Gifts here in Belmont, a portion of the proceeds from those sales are going to the Horticultural Society's Village Beautification Fund. I have to get more done for the Hen's Tooth Tea Room in the neighbouring town of Dorchester, before the Christmas shopping frenzy gets going.
I still consider my figurative work to be my real focus. It's much larger, and takes a lot longer to do, and is more intellectually demanding. The one I've included in this pottage is not quite done, and again the photo doesn't do it justice. On the surface it's two women planting a garden. It's really a commentary on the cycle of life, the woman on the left is young and vibrant wearing bright colours, the woman on the right is old, tired, and stooped, wearing worn dull clothing. Where better to contemplate the passing of time and its effects, then in a garden?? Enjoy. R.B.

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