Thursday, January 17, 2008

finally pictures

Wow that was frustrating. After trying (unsuccessfully) for days to get the rechargeable batteries to take and hold a charge , I gave up and bought both a new charger, and new batteries, argh. At lest I was able to get a couple of more paintings done, so I'm posting all four of them. If the chickadee on the yellow daisy looks familiar, your right I've done him before, he's such a cutie, and I love the look in his eye. The other three paintings in this trio are going to the miniature show at Portside Gallery in Port Stanley the opening is February 3rd 1-4 p.m. There will be lots of stunning art there, all of it small, for the whole month. So go see, and if you fall in love with something....
Some of you have read/heard my "rant". It was published in the Port Stanley Beacon this past summer, and goes like this:
Why Buy Original Art?
First buy it because you love it.
In some ways buying Art is like buying a car.
Prints are the mass produced economy model. A few over time, if well cared for and rare, will appreciate in value, but most lose value as soon as you 'leave the lot' with them. Buy prints that are numbered and signed by the Artist. The fewer the number of prints in a run, the greater the value of the print.
Original Art, being one of a kind, is much less likely to depreciate, and usually appreciates in time.
Original Art is an investment in your community. Most Artists cannot live by Art alone. They do what they do, because they can not, not do it. For most, Art is a passion that defies logic and description. Every piece an Artist displays represents years of practice and learning, and most take hours of planning and work.
Art is so important to the human experience that anthropologists define the divergence of humans from pre humans, as happening at the moment when language and Art emerged.
Buy it because you love it, after all, a piece you love will provide years of pleasure, yet most cost the equivalent of a really good meal with friends that lasts a few hours, and is seldom thought of again.
So, why buy original Art? Buy it because you love it. R.B.

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