Monday, February 18, 2008


Eve: snakes eye view, is finished. .
Yesterday I took some photo’s of the unfinished painting and played with background ideas.
I previously rejected a waterfall idea as too complicated, the figure needed a quieter ‘supporting cast’ so to speak. The riotous garden was also too much, which left me with a wall of vaguely ominous foliage. I played with the snake, ~in ~out ~off to one side, and came to the same conclusion, the figure is so powerful that everything else needed to be quiet, quiet but not soft. Quiet in the impending storm sort of quiet.

Remember to turn you monitor to it's brightest setting when you click on Eve to enlarge her.
Now I've finished Eve, I've got to get some more birds done for 'Hens tooth" in Dorchester, and I have two commissions due soon, plus I have a piece due for the Community Living London Charity Auction. Busy, busy, just the way I like it.
This is the last year that Community Living is planning on doing this particular fund raiser. I’ve participated the last few years, and am saddened that they aren’t getting the support that they use to for this worthy cause.
Many years ago I worked as a nutrition councilor there, and I have a true fondness for the population C.L.L. serves. Many of the people in it’s care have Down’s, or are in some other way in need of the group homes and employment C.L.L. provides. Everyone needs a sense of independence, and a chance at meaningful employment.
As always I'll keep you up to date with the new projects as they develop.
and remember Portside Gallery’s (Port Stanley) Miniature Show is still on, Robin

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