Monday, July 7, 2008

This new painting is called "emergence". It's another one of those funky 5x15 inch boards. The chrysalis was a bit challenge as it had to be strong enough to stand up to the rest of the painting, and yet still appear transparent, or nearly so.

As some of you know I've certified my property with the Canadian Wildlife Federation's backyard habitat program. Part of the certification program requirements are that you provide food for wild creatures. so I have host plants for several butterfly species (and some moths) The common milkweed plant that the monarch Caterpillar feeds on is a bit invasive, so if you want some to grow your own monarchs on, I've got lots. just put it somewhere where it won't become a problem, or put it in a big pot in the ground which is how I handle these sorts of plants

Monarchs are one of my favourites, although I also love hummingbird moths, and 5 spotted hawk moths, huge lovely things ( wing span up to 5 inches), who's babies are called tomato horn worms. I've only been fortunate enough to have tomato horn worms twice in all the years I've been gardening. Unfortunately all of the times I had to squish them as a kid ~ Mom's orders~, must have made a dent in the population. If I'd known then what I know now..., moral of the story know who you're squishing before you squish.

Speaking of squishing no one was using our pool now the kids have left the nest, so we sold it. The tadpoles were legion. I spent the weekend catching tadpoles and releasing them into the pond. Hubby is really going to think he's under attack by frogs/toads this summer! Now get out and enjoy this wonderful day.

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