Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lady Bug, Lady Bug

Lady bug, Lady bug fly away home... finally I have a picture to post for you. Being an impatient person, having to wait for each successive layer to dry just about kills me (LOL) so I've taken to working on a couple of pieces at the same time.

This one has a transfer as well as writing, to help tell the story or message that I want to convey.

Lady bugs, or Lady birds as some call them, are a predatory insect, both in their larval stage and as adults. They are so voracious and effective that you can actually buy Lady bugs to release in your garden or green house. Unfortunately our native Lady bug has taken quite a beating from insecticides, lose of habitat, and the release of Asian Lady bugs, intentionally let loose to help control aphids. Luckily most people like Lady bugs so the squish factor is low.

I'll be leaving Saturday for my much anticipated week in New York, New York on an Art Gallery Tour. This trip is arranged by one of the art guilds I belong to, and includes amongst other stops, the Metropolitan Museum, The Guggenheim, and the Museum of Modern Art (M.O.M.A.) I'm sure when I get back I'll be on cloud nine.

I'll be back just in time for Saturday 25th October 10-4p.m. when the Dorchester Guild has our annual show/sale. It's at the Dorchester Arena, on Dorchester Rd, across from the Tim Hortons. There will be all kinds of wonderful work. The Dorchester Guild has the biggest variety of artists of all of the guilds I belong to, and it's usually a great show. See ya there

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