Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thank a Pollinator nearing compleation

Getting there. The 'little guys' are laid out on the wrong side of the back board, which you can just see the GAC100 sizing on. I put a star of GAC 100 on the back to help prevent curling and warping of the board. It seems to work pretty well. What you can't see here are the cradle strips that I am in the process of gluing and clamping around the outside edge. The purpose of the cradle is to help prevent warping, and also to give me something to attach the floater frames, I favour, to. Floaters have an edge that over laps the back of the painting, v.s. the front the way a traditional frame does, which means that you can't use points or small nails to keep the frame and painting together, the frame and painting have to be screwed together from the back.

The center of the piece has to be finished yet, it's under way, and then it's just the final putting together.... I've really enjoyed working on this piece, and I've learned a lot doing it, but I am ready to move on, the next piece is calling me, and I have a giant canvas I want to paint for my granddaughter much to paint, so little time. Plus the spring/summer show season is about to explode!

Catherine and I will be hanging our show on the 31st, with the opening 7:00 p.m. April 7th, at Cherryhill library in the Sam Katz room. I hope you can join us.

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