Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Old East Studios Show and...

yellow sulpher butterfly

It is surprisingly difficult to paint for eight hours a day. In the past when ever I've had the opportunity to do so, I was cognizant of the press of time, as it was a temporary phenomenon. Now that it's a permanent situation... it's unbelievably easy to get distracted.
Of course I kind of gave myself permission to do some spring cleaning, organizing, the taxes (ugh) and to spread the mulch the Easter Bunny left for me, (a whole trailer load). Now that that's all taken care of, not that cleaning, garden care etc ever totally go away, it's time to roll up my sleeves, and I'm surprised.
Robin Z offered a very timely challenge today on wetcanvas to do a thousand pieces of art. Not all today, or even this year, but to have that as a goal. at the rate I create I think I would be have to really stretch do it in 10 years. That's 100 paintings a year .
Two a week, hmmmmm that's only do-able if they are all small ones like the two I've done this week.
I'm giving a talk on xeriscapeing at Old East Studios Friday night, as well as talking about the backyard habitat program a project near and dear to my environmentalist heart.
Since most of my stuff is still at Cherryhill until the end of the month these little ones will be going with me Friday night. The organizers are giving me the opportunity to sell some of my work, or at lest show some of it, which is always good.
I picked up my stuff for the St Thomas Studio Tour last night, and today I wrote an article for the local paper, about all of the up coming events for The Dorchester Guild so busy times ahead.

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