Friday, July 3, 2009

yellow iris painting

yellow iris painting
My garden has been growing fast and furious with all of the rain we've been having.
So I've been taking reference photo's, fast and furious.
A couple of weeks ago I was taking pic's of the pollinators buzzing around the garden and this yellow iris caught my eye. The painting is 5X15, I rather like the 'different' format, acrylic on board. Purchase info will be in the 'wildlife/other gallery'.
I have rather a lot of iris's, and I'm a bit worried about them. They're starting to rot with all of the wet. Another victim of climate change? I hope not.
My pond is wall to wall tadpoles, that's a lot of tadpoles. This particularly magnificent toad entertained my granddaughter, then stayed for a photo shot. What a grand gentleman. The frogs tend to be skittish, and are harder to get good shots of. All will of course be painted eventually, whether in a traditional style like the iris at left, or as subject in a mixed media work.
Port Stanley is having their 1st - first Friday tonight . This all came about rather quickly. I was just informed/invited Monday. First Fridays are very popular in several art centers internationally. They're a cross between a street party, an art show, a concert, a food festival.... what ever the organizers put together.
Port's 1st Friday will be downtown Port Stanley, 5 pm -?? the first Friday of every month all summer long, and maybe longer. Catherine and I and some of our colleagues will be in the library, right beside the lift bridge. Drop by and say hi! Generally they're a great excuse to get together for some fun.
I was at a lunch n' learn put on by the London Arts Council and one of the presenters said "art is 90% preparation, 10% inspiration", I may not agree with her numbers, but I do agree that there is a lot of prep work. I've been caught up in a lot of prep work the last few weeks, taking photo's, prepping supports (surfaces) , so now - time to paint!

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