Saturday, August 22, 2009

rose and bee finished painting

rugosa rose painting
Perhaps the title should be rose and bee finished?
Twice before I thought this one was done, and then when I turned on the studio lights the next morning... it wasn't. Some paintings are very demanding, they want more attention, then more again. So - third time the charm, as they say, and I think it is done this time.
Spirals are symbolic of eternity, and re-birth, and of the power of nature. They are found in many cultures, especially the Celts, -my own ethnic roots- and perhaps that's why I find them so attractive.
When combined with environmental issues the symbolism is particularly poignant, we need the power of nature and re-birth to survive.
The full richness of the rose hip is symbolic in this painting of my hopes for the future of life on this planet. The miniature the rose hips are painted on also has a snippet of my personal history on it. Attached is a telling of a story my Mom shared with us many times of her childhood in war time Britain. Rose hips are one of the planets richest sources of Vitamin 'C' and so the children were sent out to the hedgerows to gather them, as the Nazi blockade of shipping meant fruit, and other foods were in short supply.
Don't forget that Art in the heart of London is still on, Sundays, on the Cloister lawn at St Paul's Cathedral. The summer is quickly waning, and outside art festivals will soon be over for another year, so join us, have some coffee and treats, enjoy the music and art, for fall is around the corner.

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