Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blue Jay Painting "Brass Ring" Mixed Media

Blue Jay painting brass ring

At long last "Brass Ring" the Blue Jay mixed media painting, is done. With all of the hustle and bustle of the last few weeks, this has taken a while, or at lest it seems that way to me!
There is no moral to this painting, no 'protest' as my friend Lloyd would say. Quite simply, my husband's friend Charlie asked why I've never painted a blue jay, his favourite bird, so I did.
The painting is inspired by a photo taken by birdlady, a birding chatroom friend, and used with permission.
The holidays were for me full of family and friends-the best gifts of all, and with a new year stretching before us, I'm starting to evaluate my year, and think about ways to improve the new one.
I've always disliked the concept of resolutions. For most people it seems like they're setting themselves up to fail, some even make a joke about it...I wonder how long that will last- har-har... I think instead of small goals, baby steps, things like eating more veggies, or approaching more galleries, instead of losing weight, and selling more art. I think that making the goal the behaviour v.s. the desired result just makes more sense.
Have a Happy New Year, full of love, peace, joy and of course~art.
For info on purchasing "Brass Ring" click here

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