Thursday, December 3, 2009

fun with uploads

Have you ever uploaded the 'new improved' version of a program you used a lot, were comfortable with, and knew, then regretted it?
If so you'll understand my frustration, with the update for my Kodak easy share program. I just spent an hour and a half doing something that used to take 5 minutes, and now I see I have many, many, duplicates of the pictures I had such a hard time down loading...after the upload...grrr.
Laugh or cry... I choose to laugh, and grrr :)
This painting is at a very early stage. A friend of my husband commented that I have never painted a blue jay, so, I've set out to rectify that.
The jay's love my neighbours oak tree and have a ruckus party in it when the acorns are ripe each fall. I've started with the oak leaves, I've also started the blue jay element - for the second time - I felt the first attempt to be too small, at 12 inches, so the one I'm developing now is 18 inches tall, that's some blue jay!
No the jays are in no way endangered, at lest the avian blue jays aren't, (nudge to the Toronto fans) so they won't fit into either of my series, this is one of those paintings that I just felt like doing - for the fun of it.
As much as I most often paint to impart a message, I still do it for the fun, for the love of spreading pigment and watching something grow. It's almost like magic, abracadabra, and something is there that wasn't before.
Like most artists I can not, not paint. I get very unhappy very fast if I don't create. Maybe that's the answer for all of the depressed people out there. Suppressed creativity isn't good for the soul. I've always sworn that paint is my anti-depressant, maybe doctors should subscribe creative activities, instead of pills. Whimsy? maybe not.
Just a reminder the Santa Paws fundraiser for Therapy Dogs, and Pet Rescue is this Saturday at 847 Highbury N building 7, 9:30-1:00. Bring Fido for a picture with Santa, and help us raise funds for this very worthy cause.

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