Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pet Portraits in Charcoal

Life has been hectic around here. Since the beginning of the year every member of my immediate family has had a life changing experience. Between medical issues (hubby) career change (youngest) a second grand-baby on the way (eldest and his wife) (yeah!!) etc etc it's been an anxious/interesting/exciting/terrifying (no particular order) year so far! Oh and happy Valentines day :-)

My part time job has been going through some changes too, key people leaving, accounts changing. This week I had to work extra hours, which when you're not used to it, is tiring. I'm not sure how all of the changes there are going to affect me yet, I really like this job so I have my fingers crossed...

This week I painted my kitchen. Mindless and instantly gratifying was just what I needed. Of course, being moi, I had to do a technique. All of those years teaching faux painting at Home Depot bubbled to the surface, and my kitchen is now a warm apricot 'Venetian plaster', it's a very 'happy' kitchen now.

These charcoals are the way I amuse myself in the evening when I'm too tired to work in my studio, I can lose myself in the value patterns, as form of meditation, it works every time. Also just what a person needs in times of stress.

Drawing has always been a part of my life. Anywhere, any time, is a good time to draw. I carry charcoal in my purse, and whip it out anytime I have to sit and wait, which used to embarrass my kids to no end.

I now have more info on the Art Phart-Salon in the Saloon at Jim Bob Ray's

It's Thurs Feb 25th, the show starts at 3pm and closes at 11pm. It's designed to showcase local artists and to be a fundraiser for The ARTS Project

There will be a band. Whiplash, is a fine collection of local blues players:Dan Braatz on vocals and harp; Mike Breen on guitar; Kevin Denome on bass and Charlie Partridge on drums. They will play two sets between 9:00pm and 11:00pm.

Admission is $5 only to help pay for the band.

Don't forget the Salthaven benefit

A charity dinner on Wednesday February 24 at 6:00PM - 9:30PM at Waldo's on King in London. Enjoy a delicious dinner, wildlife presentation, silent auction, door prizes and musical entertainment.Tickets are $30 and seating is limited. Contact Jeve at 519-204-5383 to purchase tickets or donate auction items.

The mini show at Portside is going well, so if you haven't yet make sure you stop by.

Well my sweetie is taking me out for valentines brunch, so that's it until next week, have a fantastic week.


  1. my kitchen is Venetian plaster, too. And I thought I was the only one why actually enjoys house painting. To me, it's meditation in motion :)


  2. soothing, meditative, and ya gotta love the boost it gives your whole house!


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