Saturday, March 27, 2010

monarda/bee balm beginnings

This is the first 'element' of my next painting, you can see the tissue (archival) that I'm painting on, and the glass it's taped to. I tape the tissue to glass while I'm working on it because it's easier to peel the painted tissue off of it, than other surfaces... usually. There have been a few times when I've 'lost' a painting because it didn't want to separate from the glass. I know, I know, crazy lady... but the effect is so worth it!

Next up for this piece will be a humming bird. Hummers love Monarda/bee balm, as do butterflies, and so it is a major player in my pollinator garden.

I've already prepared the support, cradled board-stretched canvas-primed-gesso'ed-gold coated, but, I'll be taking a break from this piece for a week or two, while I do a charcoal portrait commission of two cute kids.

I'm planning on posting it step by step - the commission, unless the client disagrees.

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