Thursday, July 22, 2010

Portrait bride and groom signed, sealed, and delivered!

The charcoal bride and groom portrait has passed muster, been signed, sealed with fixative and delivered to the framer. The client wants a small calla lily, and the date of the wedding drawn on the mat, and then we're done!
It's always a good feeling when you know that your work has made someone happy.
Catherine, Rose and I have a show booked for September in the Central Library in London, and I feel like I have nothing to hang :( So today I've been working on getting some canvases ready for projects that want to get out of my head and into the real world. I do have two more commissions to do before I can have too much 'me time', but I need to be ready to leap into action as soon as possible.
Recently I've been going back over some old work and deciding if I'm going to keep it, give it away, or re-work/gesso over it. Any thing that is more than 3 years old goes through the gauntlet. It's a tough thing to do, but if I didn't do it periodically I'd be buried in old 'stuff'. Not to say that I don't keep favourites, but after three years, they become part of 'the collection of the artist'.

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