Sunday, December 12, 2010

daisy painting 'innocence'
Have you dug out from Snowmagedon yet? I'm surprised at the number of cars still under mountains of snow, but maybe not everyone leads a go go go life style.

The upside of all of the snow and cancellations, is that there has been more time to make art!

I've also been working at setting up a Face Book Store, or a Payvment e-commerce store front as they call it. The process is a bit frustrating, but I've been chipping away at the mountain, and I'm almost through. I think to keep it easy, I'm going to offer prints on the F/B store and refer inquiries about originals to the gallery, and this site.

Here are two more of the tiny gems mixed media paintings.

In the language of flowers daisies are the symbol of innocence, in the background layers are paper dolls, also a symbol of innocence, hence the paintings name, "Innocence".

Cecropia silk moth, painting

Daisies also make an appearance in "Ceropia", again in the background layers. This time strictly for aesthetic reasons, as the adult Ceropia Silk Moths have no mouth parts, so they don't eat. The caterpillars host on Maple, wildcherry and birch. No daisies, but since I like 'em, there they are. Artistic licence at work.

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