Saturday, March 5, 2011

Farewell to friends

Some of you might remember Rod Fuller. At the last Dorchester Artist Network Show, Rod was our featured guest artist. His wonderful powerful abstracts stole the show, and drew rave reviews from everyone who saw them.

I met Rod at Mount Hope where he and Adrienne Anglehart were both in the art therapy program. they both quickly became favorites of mine, and sadly this week we lost them both. Rod to Huntingtons, and Adrienne to the flue.

I will miss them both.

Please forgive if my posts become sporadic for a while, my own lovely Mum is in the hospital, initially with the same flue, but now... well tests (waiting results) and time will tell.

I will keep painting through this, insanity would ensue if I didn't. but my production goals will I'm afraid take a hit.

this weeks offerings are, "house guest" a mini painting of a house finch that will be at the Art Gallery of Lambeth for the mini show (March), and rather oddly a picket for a picket fence the Hort society is donating to a hospital in Sudbury, each chapter was to paint/decorate one, guess who was voluntold in our chapter :)

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