Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Landscape as life analogy

This diptych is proving to be an analogy for my life.

How you say?

Well it's a pleasant interlude from a more complex piece that is driving me crazy, but which I'm too stubborn to give up on.

Looking back through this blog I think you'd find that I've spent a lot of time whining about how crazy busy my life gets. No one makes me do all the things I do. I just take on jobs that I think I need to do. Usually because everyone else is, perhaps wisely, sitting on their hands, or because I think no one else will go the job as well as me, hubris?

Stubbornly I tend to hang onto these jobs, even when someone else comes along who can and will do them.

Stubbornly I'm still at work on the 'difficult' painting, but I'm trying to learn to sit on my hands. Wish me luck.

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