Sunday, October 2, 2011

Openings and...

The Opening for Portside's Friends of- show was the 23rd, it was of course a great show. The comment 'it just keeps getting better and better' was heard several times. It's not just the quality of the work(if it can ever be 'just' quality) the diversity of the work also keeps growing. Today is the last day of that show so if you haven't already you best run down to 'Port' and see it.
I was flattered to have my work hung next to Candy McManiman's, and to have it favourably compared to it. Not only is Candy a great artist, she possesses one of the purest souls I've ever encountered. We tend to paint similar subjects with a similar motivation, and we're talking about doing a joint show, I'll give details as things gel.
This week was also the opening of Artfusion, if you're on facebook here is the Artfusion page.
The brain child of Ryan Mahy, Artfusion has been a popup gallery for a couple of years, and now finally has a permanent home in Citi Plaza 355 Wellington St London. There is a fascinating blend of street art a la Banksy and more traditional art. I first heard of Ryan and his popup galleries from one of the kitchen staff at Mount Hope where I teach art. Since then he's become quite a force and a refreshing breath of fresh air in the London art scene. I wish his endeavour all the best, I think it's going to be monster!
I've a favorite quote on the front of my day timer, "live is a river, always moving, some times rocky and rough, other times smooth as silk, but always moving."
Sadly I and 4 of the other partners of the Art Gallery of Lambeth have terminated our relationship with the gallery. The gallery itself is doing well and we wish the remaining 3 (another partner gave notice a couple of months ago) all the best.
The 6 of us who left, intend to continue to work together as we all have solid work ethics, complementary skill sets and values, this is just a rock in the river.

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