Thursday, November 10, 2011

Identity Transfer at STEPAC

Hubby, when asked about a piece I'm working on, usually just says.. not bad.

In my head that translates to 'not good either'... OK so I'm a little (or a lot) insecure about somethings...

So imagine how surprised I was when he got really upset with me for changing this painting. I didn't show you the first incarnation, which apparently he LOVED, but he just said...not bad.

The second incarnation was so so, now it's in it's third, and I'm thinking it's done. We'll see what he thinks!

Most of you know about the fiasco in Lambeth, or at lest you've heard rumours. Well for-geeed about it (use your Marlon Brando voice when you say that lol)

WE (the 5 who left) have a NEW GALLERY opening! Art Emporium, Boathouse Gallery and Gift Boutique.

We didn't intend to do anything again so soon, it's taken us all by surprise, but here's what happened.

Three days after we let potential creditors and other people we'd been associated with in Lambeth know that we were no longer responsible for that business, we were approached, and it was suggested that we consider opening a gallery in Port Stanley. The space hadn't gone up for rent yet, but other art galleries in Port knew about it and wanted us to take it. So we did!

The gallery space is huge, bright and has an attached quaint front room where the gift shop will be. If you know an artist, or artisan who makes quality hand crafted art objects, who is interested in selling their work in Port Stanley, we are taking applications and portfolios via the website This is gonna be great! The arts community there is behind us 110%. and the BIA is really pushing the 'Port Stanley an Arts Destination' thing. We're all excited.

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