Sunday, April 29, 2012

Grand Opening Cometh

The totally insane week of the Lambeth Art Association Show is over, and now the wonderfully crazy week of our Grand Opening at the Art Emporium in Port Stanley is about to start!

Life is so exciting I can barely stand it LOL.

I really hope you can come. We're so proud of all of our artists/artisans. We have over 60 showing their work. We have everything from knitted slippers to art quilts, painted glassware to delicate stained glass sculpture, funky floral jewelry to elegant jewels in semi precious stone, paintings in every media, textile, mosaic, and photography to... just about everything you can imagine.

It's all housed in an historic building, right at the end of Main St in Port Stanley -any farther south and you'd be on berm then in the lake.

There are several galleries, and interesting shops close by, and of course Port is well known for its restaurants, where fresh caught fish is always on the menu.

Port is a mecca for affectionado's of art, theater and good food.

See you there!

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