Saturday, April 14, 2012

How to prioritize and get control of your life

work in progress

This just came into my in box from Artist's who Thrive a newsletter I'd recommend you get.

Considering how over whelmed I've been, it's almost spooky. 1. List each project.
2. Put a dollar sign next to the ones that are making you money now, or that ones that represent the fastest path to cash.
3. Estimate how much money each project is actually making you today, not what it might in the future.
4. Estimate how much time you invest in the project each week.
5. Put three stars next to the three projects you really love.
6. Put three stars next to three projects that, if they went away tomorrow, you would not miss.
7. Don’t forget to list the hours that you must sleep, eat, take a shower, get dressed, and clean your house.
8. Now add up the money you are making.
9. Add up the time you are spending.
10. Now decide. What you are going to cut for now and what you are going to keep? Determine your top three priorities

My Internet was down most of the day, so instead of working I was able to Work. I spent a great day in the studio, and to my relief my MoJo seems to be back. I guess knowing that I was unable to do the other 'stuff', I could 'let it go', and concentrate on my art.

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