Monday, April 2, 2012


A couple of weeks ago I spoke of an experiment that didn't work, and how I was going to discard it. Well, the waste not part of my upbringing wouldn't let me toss it without giving it one more try.

Re-worked, and cropped into two, I only tossed a small part after all.

The reference photo was one of wild flowers aka weeds growing in an industrial 'park', destined to be a factory, or some such. Making them pretty wasn't working, so here they are raw and blackened. The message I was trying to speak is more evident now I think. These are tough plants, opportunist's, but still slated for destruction. In my earlier vision, I was going to show the yellow finch that was feeding on the seeds of the thistles, but it didn't work, it was too contrived looking, even though it was the reality.

The paintings are called Industrial Strength 1, and 2.

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