Saturday, July 21, 2012

What I did on my summer vacation:

Read racy books, drank more beer than I should have, napped, repeat.

Well O.K. I also hiked bits of Point Pelee, watched the sunrise over the marsh, (Wheatley provincial park)

counted herons, egrets and shore birds. Watched an eagle fly the shoreline,

triplet fawns at the tree line, and a young raccoon who decided my campsite was the chow line,

premium dog chow, not just for canines anymore...yum.

In other words, a perfect summer vacation. Right after my last post I tripped over one of the dogs (love 'em anyway) and cut the palm of my hand, which is still healing, so I didn't bring my art stuff...can't be tempted to get back into it too soon that way.

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