Saturday, August 11, 2012

super paint skins II

At the risk of sounding needy (aren't we all to a degree) it's nice to hear from people who read my blog and then ask what ever happened with...

A) thanks to those who asked, my hand is much better. It's still sensitive but not enough to stop me from working now ( tripped over studio companion, wide/deep/long gash...that's what I get for moving his bed to a corner he doesn't like)

B) update on the super paint skins I'm still experimenting. The copper coloured skin (left) was cast in plasticine, I've spent hours with a dental pick trying to get the plasticine off, I am trying it again with pouring medium (still drying) to see if that makes a difference.

The brightly coloured one (right) was cast in wax, although I can't get the detail I want, this has possibilities, we'll see how it goes with the next one (still drying).

Has someone ever said something to you that seemed so obvious, that you don't know why you didn't realize it before? I was grumbling that I had more time to paint when I was working full time, person asked 'what do you do that takes so much time', I replied 'I work one day a week in the hort business, I teach two days a week, and I'm at the Art Emporium two days, plus of course there's housework, groceries, cooking and errands to run' said my wise companion...'so you're working full time'... huh...why didn't I see that!?!

When I worked full time for someone else, I had set studio times, once the routine was set I stuck to it, I just have to figure out a routine that I can stick to...huh!

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