Friday, November 30, 2012


Everyone I speak to seems so busy, I say it my are you, oh it's a badge of honour.  Someone said to me recently from your blog, I get that you're too busy to make art a lot of the time.....
Really? That's not what I meant to 'say'. Have I fallen into the social convention of saying I'm busy, when I mean I'm fully engaged with life, and having a heck of a good time living, loving, and helping my fellow earth life forms?
How did we get to this point, where we're almost afraid to stop, think, really see, and appreciate the world around us.
How did stop and smell the roses (and creating art it the ultimate smelling of roses) become stop and smell the coffee-or Wake Up!
I think it's time to step back a bit, dream a bit, and smell the roses, while continuing to live, love, and help our fellows.
Not roses but daisies-I've always loved daisies...they even were my wedding flowers-

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  1. Exactly. So busy doing unimportant things. It's wonderful that you can embrace those moments of creating and I love your daisies :)


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