Friday, December 14, 2012

'tis the season

for parties.
The older, amend that, the more mature I get, the more I realize the 'things' of Christmas don't matter at all. 
People, friends, family, especially the little ones, that's what everything, not just Christmas, is truly about, and that's why parties are important.
I've heard several people say lately they 'hate' parties, and as an introvert I have to push myself to go too. A funnily thing happens though, once I'm there and talking to friends and family, I'm always glad I came.
For those of you snorting with derision, yes I am an introvert, being an inny doesn't necessarily mean being shy. That my friends is one of the great misconceptions!
I have a  small poster hanging in my studio

How to care for your introvert:
respect her need for privacy,
let her observe in new situations.
give her time to think before answering,
give advance warning of change,
and time to finish what she is doing.
Don't embarrass or reprimand her in public,
don't push her to make lots of friends,
and she will be the best friend you ever had.
Mono print, Van Gogh Sky

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