Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rondeau Lotus

A few years ago, I was privileged to go to the Lotus gardens near Rondeau Bay (Ontario).
The gentleman who grew them, was at that time well into his 80's.  He remembered a time when the Lotus grew in abundance in the bay, and had taken it upon himself in retirement to bred native lotus, and try to restore them to the area.  Unfortunately, I don't remember his name, and a google search bears no recent mention of him or his gardens, but his legacy is evident, as the yellow lotus is now re-established in this it's northern most range.

The native yellow's weren't in bloom while we were there, but I did get photo's of this pink lotus.  I've painted it a few times, each time totally different.  As I was photographing this rendition, the sun peeped out and side lit it for a few moments, I've included both a frontal, and side lit shot, just for fun.   

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