Monday, March 25, 2013

The Question We're all Asking... where the heck is spring!?!  Dang this  winter is wearing  out it's welcome.
We woke up to snow AGAIN today...this isn't fun anymore...sigh.
Anyway, enough whining.
  My practice is to hang a painting  where I can look at it for a couple of days before I declare it done.  Sometimes even after I've posted it here, I go in and change something, that just wasn't 'right'.   The painting I'm working on now  is one of those that never seems to be done. Perhaps in part because it's a landscape, which isn't my usual thing. Looking out the south window of Art Emporium the view of the Port Stanley beacon on a early spring day inspired me, and now is frustrating me, but I'll get it, or gesso over it.
My students have been exploring Gullah art, inspired by some of the wonderful works I saw while we were away. One of those arts are  shell and found object encrusted sculptures and mosaics. I found these to be fascinating. They spoke to my own love of texture, and the ingenuity of the artists, making art from what others see as 'trash' is inspiring.
The first project my students worked on were masks and mosaic-very simplified for my nursing home clients, more complicated for the rest, then we moved on to sculpture.  The armatures are floral foam and masking tape, the shells set into paper mache clay, the results, awesome.

We've started our next series, this time we're working in collagraph, stay tuned!

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