Friday, March 1, 2013

Tides Out

When we were in South Carolina we walked the beach everyday. Part way to the lighthouse there is a drowned forest, the contorted tree skeletons are fascinating, and the second most photographed thing on the beach, only the lighthouse is taken more.
These stumps are the vanguard of the drowned forest, and the forerunner of a series of paintings I'll be doing, this one is called 'Tides out', 8x10 on mounted board.
I've always loved the weathered look of driftwood, or in this case sea washed wood.  My garden/pond decor bares testament to this, although now the movement of wood is banned, the current crop of driftwood, is probably the last.  I'm not the only one who loves the driftwood artfully placed in my garden, the chipmunks and birds use it for cover, and lookouts, in fact a 'brushpile' is considered a necessity if you want to register your lot with the backyard habitat program.
Lets hear it for driftwood...

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