Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mexican Hats,

This painting is going to the Lexus Invitational in June. It'll be hanging in the David E White Gallery in downtown London until then.  The event is a fund raiser for Prostrate Cancer Research, this is the 2nd year I've been asked to participate. It's an amazing event, Lexus knows how to throw a party, lol. I'm not sure how you'd get an invitation, but contacting Carrie Fisher at Lexus of London (519) 680-1900 would be the place to start.
The Mexican Hats used to be plentiful in my garden, then last year we had that late frost, and they're gone...but..I have seeds started.  What a miracle a seed is, often so tiny you can barely see them, they contain such bounty and beauty, if you haven't started a few yet, do it! The universal symbol for hope should be a seed, in fact, I think it probably is!

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