Friday, July 19, 2013

7 ft painting, 'the pond'

It was a whole lot cooler in Restoule,  where I completed this  little painting last week.  I think I'll call it habitat-home.  This tree was like a high rise apartment building, with all the units rented.  Chipmunks in the basement, at lest three species of birds, including a little screech owl, and in the penthouse, northern Ravens, who are HUGE when they sit on the other end of the table and watch you paint.  I didn't dare move to grab my camera, afraid I'd scare him away. I just sat and examined him, as he was examining me...very cool experience.
Since coming home I've been very hard at work, and I think  'The Pond' is done. If you've been in my garden, you'll recognize this scene....

It'll be going down to the Art Emporium on Sunday, I didn't get it done in time for our big opening tonight.  We're hosting the 'Journey to my Identity' show, in partnership with The Elgin Health Unit, and the Talbot Teen Centre in ST Thomas.  It's going to be a VERY busy weekend in Port Stanley, our show and the Port Stanley Proud events too!
 Big computer's still out of commission, and netbook, doesn't have photo editing, apologies the my photog friends, for the non cropped pics. 

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