Thursday, February 27, 2014

Snow day!! Challenge painting

Since Mother Nature has given us one last (please be the last) snow day, I've been having fun in my studio. 
I went through all my references and nothing appealed, so I decided to challenge myself. 
Yesterday Rose and I attended an absolutly awsome marketing workshop with Inga Petri, put on by the London Arts Council. 
 As part of her presentation she showed two photos. One of a lovely winding road through the woods, one of jumbled chaos in a forest post hurracane Sandy.  
Interestingly most of us arty types found the chaos more intreguing than the pretty path. Her point was that what we as artists like, is sometimes the opposite of what the general public like, since in her survey stats the pretty path was generally thought more appealing. 
I had doodled a thumbnail of each so today I started chaos, -this is step one, next comes the glazes- then I plan on doing pretty, just an experamenting to see  if my stats match hers

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