Monday, May 12, 2014

May a month to garden in

Actually,  as soon a the weather is good enough my studio loses me for a few weeks. 
In the days when I worked for someone else, I always took the second week of May off to get the garden cleaned up and ready for the new year. 
Now that I work for my self, everyday I'm not teaching, or in the gallery, I'm praying for weather to garden in, which means anything above 5c and less then a torential downpour. 
My garden provides me much of the reference material for my work, so I concider this time to be a part of my art practice, at lest that's my excuse. The fact is, gardening feeds my soul the same way painting does. 
Many artist are and have been gardeners, creating beauty from earth and plants, just another artistic expression?
The first blossom on my apricot tree:

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