Friday, October 17, 2014

Self employment is not unemployment denial.

I'm blogging from the Costco parking lot where a guy who was in my self employment class at the Elgin Business Resource Center 4 years ago just pulled up beside me in his work truck, -Focal Point Renos'. 

It's great to see another one of us who has beaten the odds and succeed as a self employed person.  

Recently there was discussion on one of the news channels about economic recovery. One of the 'experts' said that that there has been a spike in self employed persons, he used sneer quotes as he said this, then went on to say that self identifying as self employed was often used  to hide the fact that you couldn't get a job....

My response was WTF!

As a self employed person, and as the daughter of and mother of, self employed persons let me tell you that I/we work way harder and longer than if we had a job. 

A favorite quote of mine is 'an entrepreneur is a person who works 80 hours a week to avoid working 40'. 

I find this kind of attitude is especially annoying when the prevalent misconception that artist are a bunch of light weight Bon viants is added  to the equation. 

Making GOOD art doesn't just happen, it takes study, time and lots and lots and LOTS of determined practice. 

End of rant. 

Thanks to Art Biz Couch, and artist Brian Gordon for the cartoon, which kinda says it's all...

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  1. when you are an artist your mind never seems to shut do not really day dream or purposely seem vague...your mind is probably working on 4-8 paintings evenas you get supper ready and try to have a conversation with friends or family ...your are forever mixing paint or working on a compositionand finding delight in the nuances of light and shadows all day!......much more than 80 hours


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