Monday, March 2, 2015

Conversations with your muse.

Artists are expected to write artist statements, as part of their professional presentation.
Too often they say 'X has been an artist since he/she was a child. X loves colour and sees the beauty around him/her. X's life work is to present that beauty to the viewer'
I know that my first artist statements said almost exactly that. 
A funny thing happens though, as you put in the brush time, refine your style, and discover what you really want to paint. A dialogue develops, a conversation usually in your own head between you, the world, and your muse. 
In short you develop a purpose. 
Some questions to ask yourself:
What stops you in your tracks
What takes your breath way 
What when you look at, do you lose yourself in
What fascinates you
What do you wish you could tell people 
What are your dearest held beliefs 
Often as artists we think we should paint a particular subject, it's pretty, it's convenient/references are available, it's  commercially viable. 
Sometimes that's ok, if nothing is taping on your soul, you are looking to fill in time, and throwing some paint or other medium around is what you do, then go for it. 
But please, spend some time thinking about your passion. Is there something taping on your soul, looking for a way out through your brush? If so, honour your muse, for you are one of the fortunate, not everyone is so blessed. 
My muse you ask? 
At the moment (it evolves constantly) I'm fascinated by the tension that exists where wild meets man, there are little pockets of tenacious nature all around us. Man is constantly trying to control, and bend it to our will, but nature will take every toe hold it can. I love it. 
This piece is one I was working on before we went away, it wasn't making me happy, until I made some changes, you'll notice the nature growing between and around the cultivated land. No doubt the bain of the farmer and his roundup herbicide. 

painting artist Robin Baratta Sunwashed Fields
Sunwashed Field, 8x10 , glazed acrylic. sold

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