Monday, March 16, 2015

The Important Things

As I've been getting my business taxes ready to go to the accountant, I've been mentally composing a post about record keeping, but something more important intervened.
My grand kids.
It's March break here in Ontario, the kids are off school, which makes it prime sleepover at gramma's time.
They are small for such a short time, creating memories with them is one of the most important things we can do. Both for our selves and for them. 
Adults can learn so much from spending time with our precious little ones. There is nothing like seeing the world through the eyes of a child (or two). Their perspective is different, and their focus laser like. 
As artists we learn to turn on that kind of intense seeing, other characteristics we need to nurture are:
Finding the joy in little things. If it makes you smile, share the feeling with your art. 
Learn by experimenting, muck about, make a mess, try something eles, ask what if???? And have fun. 
Ask lots of question of the people you respect. If your not sure you understand, ask again. 
Have confidence believe that someone will love you. Be proud of your work and show it to everyone.  Accept compliments and when you find that special mentor hang onto their every word, soak up what they want to teach you-special mentors are I think, a topic for their own post. Suffice to say they're rare and precious. 
Never lose your enthusiasm and if you find yourself getting cranky, have a nap a snack and a cuddle. It's amazing how much better the world will look then. 
Get outside and be active every chance you can. Stagnancy comes from sitting too long. 
Be persistent, success rarely comes on the first try. 
Have fun, play, and be the artist you are ment to be. 

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